Megami Tengoku II PC-FX Review

This second game based on the Megami Paradise anime series is not directly related story-wise to the first one, and also belongs to a different genre. The game is set in a magical land ruled by women, namely the benevolent goddess Mamamega, with the dark goddess Yamimama constantly trying to defeat her and take over. Each goddess is surrounded by "shrine maidens", all of which are young and pretty girls.

The game lets the player control any of the eight shrine maidens, four on Mamamega's side (Rurubell, Lilith, Stashia. and Juliana), and four on Yamimama's side (Rouge, Pastel, Angela, and Maharaja). It is possible to switch between girls on the same side, but not between those of the opposing camp. The goal of the game is to gather as many followers as possible. The player navigates his favorite shrine maiden through the vast top-down world of Megami Paradise, trying to recruit as many people as possible on their side. The girls can talk to people using different approaches (sweet, passionate, etc.). They can buy a variety of items to increase their parameters and hence their appeal factor to the average citizen. Changing clothes also helps sometimes. There are also some battles, which utilize a slot machine system, and other mini-games. The game has a night/day cycle (much faster than real time); some places will be open only during the day or vice versa. The goal has to be achieved within a year of game time.


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