Last Imperial Prince Walkthrough

When an army of monsters attacked the castle Camelot and forced the Emperor to resign, the whole country fell under their rule, and the Emperor's son Radius had to flee. But in his heart, the young prince still hopes to reclaim the land that is rightfully his, and to defeat the monstrous conquerors. With the aid of his best friend, the wandering monk Nova, and a female fighter Mirion, Radius begins his quest...

By Neo Fan

1. Fight the green monsters in the forest. The girl gets hurt and is taken into town.
2. Search forest for 3 treasure chests, then go into town.
3. The girl is sleeping at the inn, you must fight the monsters in the town.
4. Once the monsters are defeated, talk to everyone in town. Go back to inn and nurse comes in and moves the girl to the house at end of town. She asks you to get medicine to heal the girl.
5. Talk to all the townspeople, when the boy isn't in the third house from the left, you need to exit town and find the boy in the forest.
6. When you find the boy, follow him into the background. Talk to him and then climb the rope two times to get enough medicine for the girl.
7. Go back to town and give the berries to the nurse. Exit the town, when you come back, visit nurse again. Then go to the room next to the nurse – the old man calls the guard and you must fight some more monsters. Beat the werewolf and get a treasure (red bottle).
8. Go back to the nurse's room, then to the room next door and the old man gives you 500 gold for killing the monsters. Go talk to the guard at right edge of town and he lets you pass.
9. Explore the forest to the East (right) of town, there are lots of treasure chests.
10. Find the monsters who have captured the humans (be sure to have lots of healing herbs before you fight). Fight them and finish exploring forest.
11. Follow arrows in forest and find a purple haired guy (Oransu) being tortured by 2 cat monsters. Beat the monsters and he will join the party.
12. Follow the forest left to a new area and find many treasures and two weapons.
13. Follow arrows to fight more monsters
14. Follow arrows east (right) and find a blond guy with a spear, he joins your party.
15. Just past more monsters is the next town. Buy weapons in town for Oransu ONLY , the next shop is close by for the others' weapons. Fight more monsters in town. Access beyond town to right is blocked for now.
16. Go west out of town and find 2 monsters torturing 2 humans. Beat them and one of the humans gives you a key.
17. Go back to the second town, use the key to unlock the door to the third house, monsters come out. Fight them and go inside, blonde guy leaves party.
18. Go east out of town. Find a tent with soldiers.
19. Fight the soldier blocking the east exit. Then the path is clear to the next town.
20. Go into town and fight monsters. Get weapons and tools at shops. Castle entrance is blocked. 21. Go west to second town. Stop at inn and talk to man in red.
22. Go back to first town, nurse tells you that the girl is all better and has left.
23. Go to the third town. Go into far left door of the inn. Oransu opens up a secret door.
24. Priest (guy in blue) is now at the bar, talk to him. Go to the tool shop, when you leave, your party members talk to you.
25. Go to the recycle shop, buy the goldfish. Go to the bar and talk to the waitress and give her the fish. The priest talks to you then he exits.
26. Go to far right of town and talk to the priest, he gives you a bomb. Oransu blows up a secret door at the Inn.
27. Oransu picks lock in dungeon, fight some monsters, go to next door on right and free 2 prisoners.
28. Go to top floor of dungeon (castle) and fight monsters. Set soldiers free, then explore the castle for many treasures.
29. Find 3 soldiers who talk to you. You offer to help beat the monster behind the door, but he turns you away for now. Go out of the castle, and you encounter more monsters.
30. Go into town and talk to everybody again. Go in the castle again, on your way out of the main door, you meet up with the girl who was injured in the beginning of the game. She joins your party.
31. Go to top floor of castle, fight the first boss in the game (big green lizard). When he dies, hear a long audio intermission. Oransu leaves party and Jurado joins.
32. Jurado leads you to a new town. When you try to enter the castle somebody shoots poison arrows at you. Jurado gets injured, take him to the house to the left of the castle.
33. Go right, talk to people at last house on right. Soon guard will leave and go to the first house to your left. Go there then talk to guard at the inn. Go back to house with Jurado and guard comes in and gives medicine to old man who heals Jurado. Jurado leaves the house.
34. Meet Jurado at castle and fight monster.
35. Go to throne room and fight monsters, mini-boss flees. Chase him around castle until you fight him. Then exit castle.
36. Go to the right and fight monsters. You see a glimpse of the girl you must rescue, but she is teleported away.
37. Go to weapon shop in town and buy weapons.
38. Go back to castle, go in first door and talk to the men. Go to the throne room and talk to the people there. Go left and collect treasures behind doors.
39. Talk to people on left side of town.
40. Go to castle and find more treasures. Exit to the right and you can travel further east.
41. Sleep at the inn at the new town. Skull bats wake you up and you fight them.
42. Go out of inn and it's nighttime outside. Go right and fight some more.
43. Mini-boss enters girl (Mirian) in your party and possesses her, then you have to fight her.
44. When you beat her, carry her to the inn. Leave the other party member to care for her.
45. That leaves the original two party members to explore. The girl attacks you again. Let her rest at the house to the right of the inn. Talk to everybody in town.
46. Go to see the girl. Demons come out of her and kill magician. Fight her again.
47. Load up on healing berries in shop, get good armor there. Go east to the mountains.
48. Go to last house in town. Old man gives you something.
49. Go right to mountains. Fight two groups of monsters along the way. Then a strange "lookout" monster flies by you and leaves. The trail starts to get worse as the sand blows up in your face. Then a flying woman monster attacks your party. Soon after that a mini-boss attacks your party, a guy that looks like he's riding a cloud.
50. Go into the mountain. A landslide falls in front of you and turns into rock monsters. After you beat the monsters, go straight on the trail, past the ladder. When you get to the end, press "I" button.
51. Continue going right on mountain path, fight lots of monsters.
52. Find an old lady you must rescue on the mountain, she fights you. Then she realizes you want to rescue her and she goes away with a guy with a big sword.
51. Follow mountain trail to fight third boss (woman who floats in the air).
52. See short intermission, the guy with the purple hair (Odin) returns. The monster pushes you off of the cliff and then Odin beats him and jumps off too. See a long cinema just still pics, not animated like in the intro of the game).
53. You are outside the old man's house. He gives you something and you are free to explore.
54. Go right into the forest, there is a thick fog. Follow arrows (aways) and you will loose your 2 other party members.
55. Go back to the old man's house. He will heal your wounds, his daughter will give you healing berries every time you talk to her (so do it several times)! Keep following arrows until you find some monsters (you will find 2 treasure chests if you explore and don't follow the arrows).
56. After you fight second group of monsters, Oransu joins your party.
57. Follow arrows and you find Mirian fighting monsters. She re-joins your party.
58. Keep following the arrows and you will run into Odin who re-joins you.
59. One more group of monsters, then you are finally out of the forest!
60. You are in the next town, and you automatically fight a group of monsters.
61. Sleep at the inn and you get woken up because monsters are attacking the town again. Go to the mayor's house, he gives you 1000G for killing the monsters. Now go right and exit the town.
62. Talk to a little boy, then go into a mine and see the roof cave in. You exit mine and go back to the last town. Talk to the mayor (in the big house), then talk to the old man in the last house on the right. The old man gives you a pick axe.
63. Go back to the mine. Press up and button "I" on the second stone "wall" in the background, it will open a secret door.
64. Fight many monsters and find many treasure chests in the mine.
65. When you exit the mine, you go right into a new town.
66. Go past 3 or 4 houses and you have to fight some monsters. Go see mayor and he will give you 1000G for killing them.
67. Exit town to the right and follow path until the end where a guard prevents you from going further. Go back to the last town.
68. Sleep at the inn. See a black screen with some text on it.
69. Wake up and visit the last house (the one with two children). The girl is gone. Go right, into the forest and you run into a flower with a naked lady in it. She is a mini-boss. When you defeat her and she returns to bring a flower, press up and button "I" where she is.
70. Go right and to the guard, he'll let you pass now. An escort will bring you to a dungeon. They take Mirian and leave the rest of your party in the dungeon. Press up and "I" on the bed a few times then Oransu will unlock the door and you can explore the dungeon.
71. Two doors to the right is where your other party member is being held. Just press up and button "I" to open the door. Mirian re-joins you now.
72. Go to first door on the left, fight some monsters. A man takes you to see a person in the throne room.
73. Go right and out of the throne room. Go in the second door to get healed by the woman. Go to the next door on the right and talk to the next woman (in the pink robes).
74. Go left and past the throne room until you get to a guarded door. Walk past it and some monsters break thru the wall. When you defeat them you can go into the guarded door to the right which leads to the exit.
75. You are in the next town. Explore it and get weapons at the shop and exit to the left. Now you are back on the bridge with the guards.
76. Go back to the city you were just at and go right and past the castle. You are in the second part of the city. Keep going right (stop at the item shop), and you will meet some monsters.
77. Go back to the castle and talk to the prince in the throne room. Find your way out of the castle. Man from the throne room meets you along the way and gives you something.
78. Go out of the castle and to the left. Go to the house left of the bar and talk to an old man.
79. Go to the castle and get stopped by the guards. You talk a little, then you can go by. Keep going right towards the water (where the pirate is).
80. You come across the next boss, and she is HUGE! She is a green mermaid that has a giant, homed, squid for a body. When you defeat her, this is the end of act 3 and the end of disc A. The screen will prompt you to "throw" disc B in your PC-FX. I suggest you gently place the disc in there, these are going to be hard to find someday:)
ACT 4 (use disc B)
81. You get off of your ship (take all of Oransu's weapons and armor off of him) and go right. You are in a new town. Oransu, leaves you, so you can keep his items now. Talk to him at the inn, now he will be to the left of the ship. Buy lots of armor and items in town. Next find Oransu at the first house in town, then at the last house right before the inn. When you exit, the sky is really cloudy. Next talk to Oransu at the third building from the right edge of the town. Now go to the end of town and Oransu joins you again and you can exit the town.
82. You are now in the desert. You fight some monsters then it starts to rain and you fight some more monsters.
83. You come across a large sand pit and there is a beetle inside of it. You fight many, many monsters and beetles until you come to a sand pit where you try to jump over and you are grabbed by a beetle and pulled down.
84. Now you are in a new area. Oransu is not with you, he jumped over the sand pit. Travel around and find two treasure chests and fight three groups of monsters. Oransu drops a rope for you to get out of the cavern.
85. Go right out of the well and fight lots of monsters and talk to the "priest" and you all get a necklace.
86. In town, stop at the inn. Buy herbs, max out on purple vial herbs, and heal. Go right to the castle. Fight skeletons and monsters. The skeletons will re-appear if you leave and then come back to that area.
87. The castle has a maze of doors. Find a lever and talk to two priests. Find your way to the correct door. Oransu tries to open the lock but can't. You fight many skeletons. Keep going right and pull down the lever at the end the corridor on the wall.
88. Go left again (fight last bunch of skeletons again). Find stairs going up. Stay on levels with all solid walls. Now you can go thru unlocked door and downstairs.
89. Fight more skeletons, go thru the ornate door, then there is a puzzle to solve, you have to hit certain "balls" on the side of the door. 1st door = 2nd + 3rd ball, 2nd door = 1st, 2nd + 4th ball.
90. Go into palace room and fight lots more monsters. Priest comes out and takes back your necklaces so re-equip the old ones you had on.
91. Make your way out of the castle. Once out, go left and fight some giant "lip" monsters.
92. Go left again, past the blue castle fight some more "lips" and some 4 armed monsters.
93. Go back to brown castle on the right, talk to the priest.
94. Go left out of the castle to the blue castle, the priest turns into monster and you have to fight her.
95. Go thru maze of doors again, but this time it's much easier. Go to the top of the castle. Just look at the walls to find out which level you are on (bottom level has no banners, next highest level has red banners, then purple, then white on the top level. Keep going right on the top level.
96. Fight 4 monsters then the mid-boss from in front of the castle. Lasy comes out and takes you to the throne room. There are 2 sultans, but only one is legitimate.
97. Go out of the throne room and find stairs. Talk some more and you are let thru a new part of the castle. Find a few treasure chests and exit.
98. Talk to the horse trader to the left of town in the desert. Then the cat from the people staying at the inn jumps out of his pants and runs off to the left. Chase it. When you finally catch it, it has
collapsed in the sand.
99. Bring the cat back to the blue castle. In the throne room, the cat figures out which sultan is the fake. The imposter runs off.
100. Exit the castle and go right. After you pass the brown castle, you run into a huge demon with a robe. He is the most difficult boss so far. He is best fought with someone who can jump high to evade the attacks, and strike high.
101. You are transported to the artic from the sultan's palace. Move right and run into some monsters. The mid-boss walks into the background trail. Explore the town and buy some stuff.
102. Go to the right and find more monsters. Mid-boss runs off again, Go right and fight some purple monsters and some hairy snow men. Soldier runs off again, keep going right.
103. Fight monsters. Cave becomes blocked with icicles. Use fire magic (red+purple) to melt them. Go into cave.
104. Inside the cave you'll fight some battles and encounter frozen people. You'll leave the cave and see a frozen tree. Fight the battle and go right, to another cave.
105. More frozen people. In the second part of this cave you'll have a battle. Occasionally the Cyclops hypnotizes you and your fighter will turn against you. All you have to do is to knock some sense into them, with one of your other fighters. You'll get a green ball after the battle. Fight another battle, exit the cave and you'll have a closer look at the tree. Return to the cave because everybody is "thawed" now.
106. Everybody is thawed except for the two priests. Exit the cave and go left. Run into a group of priests and talk to them. The priests go to the cave and thaw the priests back in there.
107. Find the High Priest you just met outside (keep moving right when in the cave). Talk to him and he transports you to a giant purple "crystal" tree.
108. Go thru a maze of stairs and transports. Find 3 treasure chests with powerful weapons.
109. At end of level there is a giant squid boss. Pretty easy to beat, now go on the transport and go to a new area of the cavern.
110. Fight a huge boss with a purple robe, once you find the correct transport. Transport after you beat him and find three more good treasures.
111. Fight the lady "bird" boss.
112. Fight the lizard king boss
113. After you beat all four bosses, the balls covering up one of the transports is gone. Go on that transport and fight a huge red dragon boss. The best way to fight him is to use Oransu, since he can jump over the fire attacks. See a long cinema, and the credits are in English!



  1. Thank you! Getting ready to sit down w/ this game finally.