Boundary Gate Walkthrough

Long time ago, the First Mother created the world and blessed it with five magical symbols that would keep it in balance. The symbols were hidden deep in a sacred temple, to protect everything and everyone around them. Many years later, an adventurer named Finn was looking for work in the city of Ambrose. There was indeed much work to do: monsters roamed the country, the threat of war was more real than ever. One night Finn was strolling through the city when he suddenly spotted a young girl attacked by a monster. Naturally, he defeated the monster and saved the girl, who turned out to be a princess hoping to restore her father's kingdom. The two decide to work together and venture to the nearby city, that lies in ruins, overrun by monsters...

By Neo Fan


(denotes a new step in the walkthru, finish previous step before going on)
1. (BOLD TYPE, denotes a step in the walkthru that has a visual or audio intermission)
#3 (denotes a specific spot marked on the hexmaps I have made for this game, easier to locate by looking on the maps since your character auto-maps your journeys for you)
Note: the hexmaps will be available online shortly, just look for their links on these pages, until then just explore a little to find these spots on your own.

Walk around town and find the second party member. First inn costs 10 gold to sleep in, the second one will cost 50G (you decide on the better deal).

Fight big pink boss monster, when it dies it turns into a big pile of goo (picture from game case).

Go to tavern (referred to #2 on my hex maps), talk to man on the left. He says something that permits you to travel out of the town.

Go to the next area open to you. It is a 4-level dungeon maze. On the first level you will find an old lady who talks to you and you will also find a treasure chest. There is nothing else until level 4, where the boss is. He is an orange goblin with big wings. He gives you 2500G and 2500EXP (experience points) when you defeat him.

Rescue bearded man from the boss and return him to the old lady on the first level of the dungeon.

Go back to the first town. Visit the room marked with a #3 (from my maps), and talk to a man who reads a letter to you.

When you exit town, a wizard with a black beard talks to you and now there is another area to explore (the mountains).

Go to the town in the mountains, Roododaaru (sp?). The inn is 50G to rest. Talk to a young lady (#1) in SW corner. Talk to old man (#2). Talk to the people in the tavern again, then talk to (#1 and #2) again to gain access to a new dungeon.

Go to top-left (SW) corner to enter the dungeon.

There are 2 treasure chests on level 3, the one to the south has 800G.

Talk to man (#3) on level 4, he gives you a pentagram amulet.

See the overturned pillar (the game stops and asks you a question). You can’t go back into the room yet.

There is a fire pit with green flames in front of you.

Go back to see man (#3), you take him with you.

Go to first level (town). Go see (S) on the map, the sorcerer’s room, and he will put a spell on you for 20G.

Leave town (but save first), the girl on the cover of the game (the Daughter of Kingdom) has a short conversation with you.

Go back to the first town (Anburo), now you can go down the cellar door (#1). Three treasure chests are here, the one in the corner will have 1200G. Exit to the city is in the NE corner.

Now you are in parts of the city that were blocked by the guards earlier. Go to the inn, see picture of the “Daughter of Kingdom”. Go to the tavern and talk to the bartender.

Explore the city. Get stopped at the large wooden doors (#4). Shop here for some good weapons!

Exit town (go out to the dungeon, then back to the city) and there is a new area to explore (Pureriaaru).

Go to the new area, and see a short conversation between the Daughter and the bearded sorcerer from before.

Fight a boss on the second level, and then you will meet your third party member (a man with an ax). This boss is a green dragon that gibes you 4500EXP and 2500G.

Go to dungeon on the bottom floor. Hear a short intermission for the “Daughter” (#1).

Go out of the castle and hear intermission from a guy with a gray moustache.

Go back to Anburo and hear intermission from the “Daughter”.

Go to NE corner of city (via dungeon) and talk to man (#5), now a new area opens up to explore (Toonamu).

Go to this new area by the river. Go to the inn and talk to lady sitting down (#1). Answer YES to her question, go talk to man in NE part of town (#2). Answer YES to his question, now you can get into the eastern part of town. Buy weapons in the shop here.

Fight lobster boss for 4500EXP and 2500G.

Go to tavern, talk to a guy with a cap on and drinking a mug of beer. He gets a boat for you in the NE part of town (#3). He gives you 4 choices: 1 East, 2 South, 3 Underneath, and 4 Cancel (go later). If you choose East, he takes you to a tower.

Go to the tower. On the fourth floor there is a green boss (#B) who has a big head with tentacles. Defeat him for 6000EXP and 2000G.

Exit tower and you then choose to travel South from the man (at #29) and go to a different part of the tower. On the fourth floor there is a purple-haired boss (#B) for 6200EXP and 3500G.

Exit tower and choose to travel Underneath from the man (at #29) and take the boat to the next part of the tower.

On the NW corner there is a locked gate (#1) on level 1, and the top (#2) north of level 2.

In the middle of level 3, there is the fourth party member (#3). Just north of the prison cell there is a metal plate on the wall (#4). Push in the direction of the wall and get transported to another level.

There is a purple boss in NW corner of level 4 (#B) that gives you 6200EXP and 3500G. free the prisoner behind the boss and hear a short intermission (#5).

Sorcerer talks to you at door to level 1 (#6).

Exit and hear intermission. Go back to the first town now.

In Anburo, the town is now filled with monsters. To get to the castle, find (#4) on the map. Fight spiny green dragon boss (#B) for 8200EXP and 6000G, gate to NW part of city is open also (#6). Check out the city before going to the castle.

Find man (#7) and talk to him. There is a gate blocking your way into the SW corner (#8). See a castle on an island (#9).

Near the SW corner there is a green crab boss (#B) for 1750EXP and 500G. beyond that, there is a locked cellar gate (#10).

NW corner is a passageway to another maze.

Go to sorcerer’s maze in NW corner of town (#11). At (#1) you will find lots of monsters in hibernation. Fight green plant boss (#B) for 8600EXP and 4000G. hear intermission. Fight fly boss on second level (#B) for 8500EXP and 4500G. See a desk with lots of papers thrown on the floor (#2).

Exit town. On map go past the last town, there is a new option: the 4 corners into the castle (N,S,E,W).

Go to the first option, South. On the fourth level fight purple samurai boss (#B) for 9000EXP and 4500G. Go past boss and into the fifth floor and see a short intermission with the “Daughter” (#1).

Go to the East entrance next. On the fourth level fight a blue-winged boss (#B) for 9500EXP and 4500G. Go to the fifth level and see a short intermission with the “Daughter” (#1).

That’s it for now, I can’t seem to get into the last 2 entrances, if anyone can help me finish this last 1% of the game, send me an eMail please.
That’s, by the way.

Thanks go to NEC and the notoriously bad Pack-In-Video for this game. Too bad this was a rush-job, it seems like there was going to be many more towns and areas to explore, since the map has many more areas on it that are not opened up yet. It’s a shame that the developers didn’t have much faith in this game, because they have done far worse than this!


  1. Hi. Good post. Where is the map please?

  2. Its ok. I've figured it out. At final boss now. Thanks again though for this awesome walkthrough. Without it, I would be lost. Thanks again.