Miraculum Walkthrough

In the world of Miraculum, there lived a powerful king named Siegwald. But his power was not enough for him, and he revived an ancient demon who had been sealed in a statue. But instead of granting him his power, the demon consumed the king's soul and possessed his body. He then swore to destroy humanity once and for all. After several years, the fake Siegwald led his armies to conquer lands and expand his empire. At that time, a warrior named Jay arrived at the port city of Heles. Now he must find loyal allies and eventually stop the Emperor's evil plans.

By Neofan

1. Sleep at the inn
2. Go see kids at top of town
3. Go to village with wooden houses
4. Go to forest at far left of island (fight plant boss and get your 2nd party member)
5. Go to city south of starting point, go to old man's house with the well, he will follow you down well
6. In dungeon move downwards to fight boss, then move up and into castle. The old man will try to help you by showing you the way to go in the dungeon, but he doesn't know any better than you do, so find your own way.
7. In the castle go up and fight the boss
8. Move all 4 statues in throne room and exit castle
9. Go to the far left and right when outside the castle to find secret rooms with levers to lower drawbridge
10. Go to town right of drawbridge
11. Meet 3rd party member in house near the top-center of the town, in her basement
12. Get good weapons at the shop here
13. Move right out of the town to find the next town. go to the inn there and see an interesting cinema of a shower scene
14. Go further right out of this town and into a swamp, there is a crossing on the right that leads to a maze, when you beat the plant boss, you have to figure out a way to get thru the poison gas to continue
15. Go to gray tower on bottom right of screen (down from #13), fight boss and now you can go thru the poison gas in swamp
16. Go back to the swamp, go thru gas and you are on other side of mountains
17. Go to castle on bottom right, fight boss, fall thru a door and you find your 4th party member
18. Go thru dungeons, in basement, 4 or 5 levels down you fight a purple boss
19. Boss hurts your leader (Jay), and a doctor looks after you at the inn
20. Go to factory at top left of area, find a CD on right as you go thru gate
21. Once inside (go to left platform door) find your way to the basement from elevator on the left side of the 1st floor (1st floor of right building)
22. Put in code on wall of basement, 8 numbers (29491915), if this doesn't work just have the shopkeeper examine your CD and he'll read off the number that you need
23. Unlock the purple door with the # from the CD. Fight red boss, get red vial on bookshelf and give to doctor at the inn
24. Go to path on right of town (near volcano)
25. Path leads to town (go all the way to the top), go to key shop and get a sword
26. Go into cave on right of town
27. Follow path to top of mountain
28. Follow stairs down, behind boss, then fight this devil boss
29. Go on ship and listen to a long conversation
30. Go left and down to small island with 3 houses (while still in ship), hit button "I" to leave ship, and old man talks to you
31. Sail to big island southwest of main island. On south side go up mountain trail. Fight boss on top and get a sword for Jay
32. Go to town on west side of island. get healed and rest
33. Go back to mountain trail. Take the other path top of mountain and find a palace. Go straight up to top and fight "ball" boss and free a goddess. Every time you free a goddess, you will get a powerful spell
34. Sail to frozen island northeast of main island. Find town in southwest corner, temple in southeast, and a cave whish leads to a castle
35. Go to town and save, then enter cave and go thru to castle. Go to top of castle and fight boss
36. Boss kidnaps princess. Go to mountain trail east of castle. King sends one soldier with you. when you are at fortress at top of mountain, guard will unlock door. Fight boss again
37. When you win, you are transported to the castle again
38. Go to island on bottom of map that has a 2 house town on bottom left and a forest with a path near the middle-left of the island
39. Go to town (get sword powered up at the tool shop), then go to house on top of stairs (only house w/o a sign) talk to woman and son, then boy in blue comes out and tells you where to go next
40. Go to forest just north of town, then follow trail right and down and you'll get to a rock with a button. Press it and enter secret part of island. Go into the castle. Save on spot right of entrance
41. Go to top floor of castle, fight a weak boss and see a really short cinema
42. go to left side of throne room and go down elevator to basement floor. Save spot at right of door. Go to bottom basement floor, free the kids in the test tubes by touching the computer and then touch each kid. Go back and save at the last floor. Fight boss FOR ONE ROUND ONLY, then run! Your red-haired party member will fight it for you.
43. Go north (way north) to snowy island, there will be a new temple on the bottom-right of the island. Go to top floor and fight magician boss. See really short cinema, when the boss dies, you free another goddess
44. Go to top of main island, there is a small island with a lake in the middle of it (looks like a donut). Walk to the lake and go to top (find two treasure chests). Green-haired girl will summon some magic that will allow you to see all the elves in the village. Go to weapon shop and get a huge powerup there. Leave town
45. You are transported to a secret valley, find tower south of village
46. Go to palace southwest of tower. Go to top floor and fight an easy boss. Free another goddess here
47. Go to tower south of village (east of #46), go left and up to top to fight boss. Person talks to you for a long time, but gives green-haired girl a sword and then transports you back to laboratory where you ran from boss (#42)
48. Go down elevator and meet spiny eye boss again. you go to fight it, then you stop and there is a really long cinema
49. Fight the boss (for real this time, it will be a long battle). Fight ONLY WITH SWORDS until he runs out of magic points, or it will be hopeless. He will heal himself 2 times, then attack his 2 horns, then his main body. Each part will take about ten turns. Then watch another long cinema
50. Find small island on bottom of map (between 2 big islands), it now has a temple on it, go in
51. Find your way to the top, fight boss
52. Go to island with big aircraft hangar on it. Go to small village (the one with log houses). Talk to crying boy with purple hair, and he takes you to his mother who will heal you talk to her
53. Go east, now you can get into the castle
54. Go to top of castle and fight army-guy boss with lasers. SAVE IN THE BIG TOWN, no more save spots for a while.
55. Go to factory north of castle, the king of the last castle will let you in. He tricks you and leads you to 2 soldiers, who you must fight
56. Find your way to top of factory and into a large "air ship"
57. Giant robot greets you at the end of the ship, you must fight him. Look in all treasure chests to find some powerful weapons.
58. Beat the robot and he leads you to a trap room. See a cinema and then find your way to the ship's control room
59. See another cartoon where the green-haired girl blows up the robot. The "evil" king disappears
60. Go see the control computer in the center of the ship. See a brief cinema, followed by a long conversation, and then the ship lands
61. Save in town and get weapons in shop
62. go to throne room in castle, after a while you see a long conversation between 2 old guys who fight it out. You see an interesting cinema where one of the girls gets the old men from fighting in a peculiar way
63. Once you leave the castle, the black airship has now crashed into the mountains. If you climb into it, you are free to use it to travel!
64. Fly to big rocky island to north. When you get there, press "up" on the controller, and you will fly to a new area
65. go north to town and get some weapons form the shop and some rings for the item shop. Save at inn
66. Go left and north and find another temple. go to top and fight armor boss, he will heal himself once, so don't use up all your magic early
67. Go west from town to get to castle
68. Go to left entrance of castle, go all the way up and you'll be in a throne room with a sword. See a short cinema and you will get the sword
69. On middle floor of castle, go to middle of cross painted on the floor and hit button "I" on controller
70. Go to island on bottom left of this world, go to town on bottom. Go to house at top right there will be a short intermission. Now your boat will have steam power!
71. Fly to middle (big) island. At center is a large forest with two "blank" spots. At one of these spots you fight a blue snake boss (gives you the earth seal)
72. Take boat to pink clouds, sail to middle and you are transported to a new area. There is only one island with one house. Have a 5 min conversation with a blond guy, and he takes you to a castle then to his submarine
73. Take sub to island north of the big island, it is shaped like a crescent moon. Sail around island until an octopus boss attacks you (beat it and it gives you the water seal)
74. Use the sub and find hidden temple underwater, but you can't get in there yet. Go east and find a cave, go in there
75. Stop at weird town in cave and save. Go to top of town and to next level of cave. At top there are 3 glowing twigs. Grab all of them, now you can go tot eh underwater temple
76. Go to the underwater temple, it is due east from the bottom "tip" of the frozen island on the main map
77. Right of the town is a temple (in the pink clouds). Go to top and fight green dragon boss
78. Go to temple underwater. Go west to sunken ship. Go right above it and press button "I" on the controller to get an item. Due east is another ship, then go east for another ship, keep going east for one more ship. All ships should have an item for you
79. Go to temple underwater. Fight a mer-man boss. Keep trying until you win. If he uses magic, you pretty much automatically die. Attack him lightly the first round, then heavily the second round so he has to heal. Then go at him strongly until he dies (he gives you the last seal). The last three seals are mapped out here in this walkthru, the first four I found automatically by following the steps here without even knowing it.
80. See a short cinema where you blast a hole in the black clouds with your airship
81. The ship flies you to an island with a town and the tower or Babel. Save at town
82. Go to the tower, there are many floors, each have 3 purple switches that open the doors. The switches can go up or down and must be in the correct order to proceed:
level 1:UUU UDU
level 2:UUD DUU
level 3:DUD UDD
level 4:DDU DUU
level 5: no switches on this level
level 6: door <-----UDD
83. After you open the last door, you fight a boss that looks like a very manly chun-li, but with wings. See a long intermission
84. Now go to the castle east of the tower, now you can get past the purple flames
85. Get to top floor of castle and fight green-haired boss. See a long intermission and a short cinema
86. Go to temple on small island west of town. Go to the bottom floor and fight green robot boss (long fight that takes you up 2 floors and down 5)
87. Go thru purple door after boss and you are transported to a maze. Go to bottom level (search treasure chests for good weapons), you will be transported to another area (outside). Go to cave east of your position (the elf town)
88. Save here and get weapons at shop
89. Go back outside. find the 5 towers, guarding a central building with a force field
90. Go to bottom (orange) tower. At second level you have to fid 5 buttons to push. At top level go to the last door that's outside and fight skull boss. Hit the computer panel behind the boss
91. Go to right (green) tower. At top floor fight 3 headed green boss
92. Go to top-right (purple) tower next
93. Go to the left (blue) tower
94. Go to the top-left (yellow) tower. Fight a wizard and a red dragon. The wizard blocks you from using magic, so attack him first (this takes a long time)
95. Now the force field is gone from the building at the middle of the towers
96. Go back to town. Go to top of town and talk to old elf. He lets you thru big gray door into another cave
97. This leads you to outside to a valley, go north to entrance of mountain
98. At top of mountain there is a big gray door. In the room behind it is a powerful armor suit for Jay. See a cinema, and be sure to collect all the treasures on the mountain (15-20 of them). the armor lets you get into the castle in the middle of the pentagram (that had the force field earlier)
99. Go to the castle in the middle of the pentagram
100. There are 3 special rooms on the third floor. Go to the panel on the floor that looks like a dragon and hit button "I" on the controller. The panel will start to glow. One of the 3 panels are on the left entrance (on the first floor), one on the right entrance, and the last one is at the center door
101. After you touch the third panel, you can proceed to the top of the castle. There is a door covered by some vine thingies, it will automatically open if you touch it (but only after touching the 3 floor panels). follow the path to the top floor and the boss from the opening intermission of the game is there (wizard with green and yellow robes). Attack the 4 floating orbs first
102. The wizard explodes into a big, bloody mess and transforms into a cross between the jolly green giant and a grasshopper! He is pretty easy, just attack him with your strongest methods, he won't heal himself
103. Find your way to the top by using various teleports. This part is pretty confusing. The final boss is at the top waiting for you.
104. It took me over 2 hours to beat this big orange, lobster-looking boss, so just be patient. The best way I found is to only use your magic to heal your party, and to wait for him (it) to use up all it's magic points. He will still use spells on you, but they will have no effect on you (yeah, smart boss). Here is how the parts of the boss work together to screw you :) The left shoulder heals the other parts, the right shoulder regenerates any parts you destroy, the bottom part uses magic on you and puts shields on the other parts, and the center part uses powerful magic and can also regenerate any parts you kill. You can kill the parts before he runs out of magic, but he will just regenerate them back to full strength. As soon as he's out of magic points, just attack him with all you've got, and he's a pushover. Just be careful not to let anybody's hit points get too low, you will need all 4 party members to do this. When he dies you see a long cinema, along with a couple of butt shots. Following this is a long intermission.

*Note* this is not really the end, you can save your game and return to the floating island where the tower of Babel is. You can now enter the tower for a boss-filled mini quest that is pretty long!



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